Cavriglia industrial area of Bomba
Cavriglia Municipality
  • Concept design, construction security brief, fire policy, heath & safety project: GPA
  • Project code: C11018

In 2011, GPA was commissioned by the municipality of Cavriglia for the design of a Canteen and meal preparation centre to be built in the industrial area of the town.

The purpose of the project is:
• define the best organisation and composition of the extension to main building, access to the building and distribution of the new part in the neighbouring area
• provide suitable technical strategy, distribution and organisation of the internal functions in order to optimise the management
• allow a tender for the development of the design, construction and management

The project layout has a total area of approximately 770 m²,  the extension consists of a rectangular area of 327 m².

The main façade is filtered by a terracotta brise soleil, material chosen for its consistency with the elevations of the adjacent buildings in exposed brick masonry. The side elevations are distinguished by their functions: the first entrance for the customers to the dining area is fully glazed and can be reached through an area equipped with greenery and seating. The other is the service entrance for staff, loading / unloading, parking of vehicles to transport meals and access to the technical area.