Firenze, Italy
Casprini Holding
  • Structural Design, Work Direction: GPA
  • Architectural Design: Arch. Marco Sacco

A nineteenth century building in the centre of Florence, has been recently refurbished to house a Zara store on the third floor from the ground floor and apartments on the fourth and fifth floors.GPA was responsible for the structural design and improvement of the seismic activity resistance in accordance with the anti-seismic regulations.The structure has been modified to meet the internal distribution requirements of the client, creating new openings and reinforcing the existing walls. The roof has been restored: insulation was added, damaged beams were replaced and, also the roof tiles were replace but in a fashion designed in accordance with the original typology.GPA has dealt with the calculation of structures and reinforcements needed, with particular attention to the fact that the building is protected by the Cultural Heritage Office. All works were inspired by the concepts of reversibility, compatibility and recognition. In particular trying to maintain the original functionality of the structures.The most delicate operations, such as opening new passages to connect the internal spaces or drilling to establish new vertical links such as stairs and elevators, have been conducted with particular attention to detail.