San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy
Municipality of San Giovanni Valdarno
  • Structural and Architectural Design: GPA
  • Consultants: Betaprogetti srl Studio Sound Service sas Geodesign Associati Eng. Gianni Focardi

The project involves the construction of a single room, with an audience of 474 seats and gallery of 168 seats, plus an underground level where the dressing rooms with services are placed. The driving force of the project came from the research of a synthesis between programmatic demands, the structural organization of the building, the indispensable security benefits and the image of a lively, vital, comfortable and refined. Guided by a structural and functional vison, the idea is developed around the concept of emptying the existing container by assigning it a new different “content”, a new and different organization: structural, functional and formal. The existing building is envisioned as a “case”, such as to separate the content from the external environment, protecting it from the elements, thus ensuring the privacy of the place and the activities hosted in it. From the original “case” the 50's icons were maintained: the frames in travertine from, which a certain proportions derive, and the grand marble staircase located in the main lobby. Within this envelope, independent of it, all the novelty of the system: the creation of a modern, sophisticated, technologically advanced space. Especially equipped for the theatrical feature, but still functional for musical performances and, the old destination of movie theatre. Also the ability to use the foyer as a cultural meeting place, in the broad sense: from the presentation of books to the creation of small exhibitions, opening separate from the theatre.