Grosseto, Italy
Impresa Rosso Spa - Azienda USL 9 di Grosseto
  • Structural design, M&E System Design, Project Management: GPA
  • Architectural Design: Prof. Arch. Fabrizio Rossi Prodi - Rossi Prodi Associati
  • Project code: C11042

The new hospital building consists of a block of 4 floors north-south oriented of about 160m in length by 21m in depth. The building occupies an area of about 6000m².
It consists of a ground floor dedicated to general services, a floor dedicated to surgery and intensive care units and two floors of in-patient ward. In terms of the general distribution, the project involves the connection between services and in-patient ward with the rest of the hospital, given the opportunity to further extension in subsequent years. The green roof, along with green walls promotes the recovery of patients, either with the view through the room windows and creating a feeling of contentment. These elements are evidence of the new environmental culture and values applied to building the modern hospitals. GPA has optimized the performance of thermal insulation, with proper management of the light and shade, optimizing the relationship between opaque and transparent surfaces using materials and appropriate technical solutions. In addition, targeted choices regarding the lighting system and the heating system, which allows radiant ceiling panels for in-patient ward, have led to a high-performance building. The structure of the building was designed by GPA to allow the extension of two floors of the south block with an increase in area to about 2000m².