Taranto, Italy
Turbotecnica Spa
  • Structural Design: GPA

The first part of this project was the creation of a reinforced concrete box to house the station pump room. The 40 x 30 m structure is entirely underground at a depth of 10 m and consists of three separate 12 m chambers separated by two reinforced concrete partition walls, each 80 cm thick and is connected along one side to the station’s tail race. It was also necessary to create a drainage system for the lower half of the excavation as the water table in this region lies only 5 m below ground. The excavation is supported by a series of micro-piles with tension rods on various levels. The second part was the installation of a channel through which to discharging the co-generation plant cooling water. This is a rectangular structure in reinforced concrete installed at a depth 2 m and running up to 5 m below ground. The structure of the channel takes into account the additional pressure acting on the site from the nearby road and railway. To analyse the effects of these extra pressures a form of finiteelement modelling was employed.