Avenza, Italy - Australia
GE Oil & Gas, Nuovo Pignone Plant of Massa
  • Structural Design, Works Supervision, Safety Supervision: GPA
  • Project code: C10001NP

The project “GORGON” consists of the realization of 5 modules of energy production to be allocated to the site of Gorgon in Australia. The modules are completed with all mechanical, electrical and control
equipments and they are ready to be used right from the moment of their installation. They are assembled in the yard of Avenza, which occupies an area of 40,000m², and 35,000m² of area dedicated to logistics services. The main features of the modules are: Length: 40m to 60m Width:
16m to 24m, Height: from 16m to 30m, Weight: 1,000 to 3,500 Tonnes. In order to realize the modules GPA designed reinforced concrete slabs, some free areas in order to perform the mounting and some areas for material storage.
In order to transport the modules it has also been necessary to design the reinforcement of the bridge connecting the plant area to the port. Inside the area, warehouses were also designed to allow the insertion of bridge cranes with capacity of 440 ton.