Prato, Italia
Comune di Prato

Structural Design, Work Supervision, Safety Supervision: GPA 

Architectural Design: Arch. Pier Guido Fagnoni, Arch. Daniele Desii, Arch. Raffaella Fagnoni, Arch. Pier Matteo Fagnoni

Consultant: Eng. Alessio Gatteschi 

Project Code: C03015

The project is a new building in Prato, where the Municipality of Prato has placed the “Fracesco Datini Secondary School”. The visual effect created by the architectonical shape of the new building is integrated with the old Datini School with simple and clear architectural solutions. The main façade is defined by a particular shape that protects the windows from the direct solar exposure with shadows. 

The structure is made of concrete elements up to three floors above the ground. The foundation involves the construction of footings under the columns connected by a reinforced concrete slab.

The particularity of the structure, designed by GPA, is an internal court covered by a roof of sandwiched panels, which is supported by a tridimensional girder steel structure.