Campi Bisenzio, Italy
Municipality of Campi Bisenzio
  • Executive Design and Work Direction: GPA

The aim of this project is to restore some of the load-bearing capacity of the road which was lost as a result of the incorrect installation of the original foundations. The proposed consolidation work will ensure that the load and overload safety requirements required by law will be met. The deep foundation consolidation work consists of driving valved steel micro piles into a portion of the existing foundation piling; creating a metal core in the existing piles which adds structural strength. This work will ensure that all legal load and overload safety requirements are met. Specifications of the consolidation work: • 46 micro piles (core diameter 178 mm and design length 29.0 m) will be used on the Marina torrent viaduct (n.14 of which for the east abutment, n.7 for piling n.1, n.8 for piling n.2, n.12 for piling n.3, and n.9 for the west part). • 34 micropiles (core diameter 127 mm and design length 22.0 m) will be used for the Barberinese provincial road underpass (n.17 of which for the east part and n.17 for the west part).