Parma, Italy
STU Authority SPA (Municipality of Parma)
  • Client: STU Authority SPA (Municipality of Parma)
  • Structural Design, P M, Design Supervision: GPA
  • Architectural Design: Studio Zermani Associati
  • Consultants: Eng. Alfredo Lucia Geol. Gianni Focardi

The project of the New School for Europe is born in October 2009 by winning the "competition for the procurement of services related to the final design of the New School for Europe", issued by the City of Parma after have been chosen as the location the European Food Safety Authority "EFSA European Food Safety Authority" headquarters.

The school complex that will house the School for Europe's new headquarters has been designed to accommodate 1,180 students. It has been divided into five sections ranging from nursery to primary and secondary school.

Also took part of the design, the provision of facilities such as outdoor playgrounds, two gymnasiums, a cafeteria, an auditorium, library and an office building for the School's management.

La “Scuola per l’Europa” of Parma is made from a series of buildings in exposed masonry totalling about 20,000 square meters of floor space. These buildings are located along the sides of a cloister.

The complex of the School for the Europe, from a structural point of view, consists of independent 9 bodies, separated by seismic joints positioned in order to be architecturally unobtrusive. The structure of the buildings designed by GPA, is made of in-situ reinforced concrete, with beams edge beams and setback plug in thickness. Some of the buildings were designed with laminated wooden beams for the roofs and, with prefabricated roof tiles.