Florence, Italy
Immobiliare Novoli
200.000 mq
  • Structural Design, Detailed Architectural Design, Work Direction: GPA
  • Architectural Design: Arch. Claudio Nardi Arch. Aimaro Oreglia D’Isola Arch. Massimo C. Bodini Arch. Carme Pinós


Novoli is an area in the outskirts of Florence. In past years taken an industrial approach: the purpose was to give birth to an industry of Florence such as when Florence was the capital of Italy; different industrial infrastructure has been made (eg. An aircraft factory), and the size of Viale Guidoni testifies, it is greatly large precisely to transport aircrafts from the factory to the airport. The industrial vocation of Florence has slowed its pace, and in the 60's Novoli was subjected to wild and unregulated construction of residential buildings, with blocks reaching up to 11 storeys.The new urban plan involves the construction of 30 residential and commercial buildings close to the new Palace of Justice and the New Headquarters of CR Firenze Bank.

Some Star Architects have been involved in the riqualification of the area such as: Zaha Hadid, Carme Pinós, Odile Decq, Aimaro Oreglia D’Isola.

GPA handled the structural design , the detailed engineering and architectural supervision of construction of some buildings E11-12 , F , G16 , G17 , G18 , H21 , H22 , H23 , H25 , I20