Foiano della Chiana, Italy
Outlet S.r.l. Perugia / DEGI Valdichiana S.r.l.
  • Architectural and Structural Design, Work Supervision, Safety Supervision, Facilities Design, Road System and Infrastructures: GPA
  • Consultant: Studio Grifoni Srl

Designed to resemble the old town walls typical of vernacular Florentine architecture, in addition to which the arrangement of the commercial units within the complex reflects the layout of the traditional piazza. This is surrounded by protective walls, a meandering internal path, and a separated road system for deliveries, outside the commercial spaces.The complex includes 29,000 m² of covered surface and around 136,000 m³ of commercial space: equivalent to 140 separated units as well as 9 restaurants, a 2,800 space car park and 11,800 m² of new green space including 650 trees. GPA’s role was 360 degrees, from assisting the client on the first project idea, feasibility studies, dealing with the local authority for the new road system, from the, constructive drawings, to the structural packages, M&E design and detailed drawings. The structural system designed by GPA allows the maximum flexibility for the commercial activities, with a contrasting structures made of steel and reinforced concrete, with plasterboard walls to separate the commercial units from each other.