Firenze, Italy
Municipality of Florence
  • Constructive Drawings and Work Supervision: GPA & Eng. Salvatore Giacomo Morano

GPA has done the design and supervision of static reinforcement works and the structural restoration of the Indiano Bridge, in Florence. The Indiano Bridge is a cable stayed bridge spanning the 200 metres across the Arno River to the north of Florence. Built in 1978, it remains one of the longest in Italy. In 1995, the municipality of Florence ordered a series of tests on the bridge, revealing numerous weaknesses, primarily affecting the stays. The protective covering on the metal strands had been corroded over time and the strands themselves were beginning to corrode. In 1999 one of the suspending cables of the pedestrian walkway collapsed beneath the stayed deck. By 2007 the initial structural works were completed by GPA, including the repair of the pedestrian walkway, the restoration of the covering protecting the stays, the replacement of all bearing devices and the repair of all leaks to prevent water infiltrating the deck box and the antenna. In addition, detailed inspections were carried out on all the metal structural elements.