Pontremoli, Italy
Town Hall
  • Architectural, Structural, M&P Projects, Building Drawings: GPA
  • Architectural Design: Ing. Giovanni Cardinale, Arch. Matteo Spinelli

The project involves the construction of a new school in place of the existing Elementary School “G. Tifoni “in the town of Pontremoli. The new facility will include a total of 5 classrooms for use as a primary school, four classrooms for use as a secondary school, multi-purpose classroom, a reading room, three classrooms for other teaching activities, and an area for the administration of the school, all spread over three levels. GPA project limits the impact of the building in relation to the surrounding
area, obtaining a compact and comfortable shape to maximize volume and the orientation of the building. The load-bearing walls external and internal will be realized with a technology called xlam (wooden panels glued in crossed layers of variable thickness from 5 to 30 mm). The advantages of this construction are the ability to assemble it with significant savings in construction time, with good thermal performance, energy savings and indoor comfort.
The thickness of the walls and wooden floors combined with insulating materials, are lower in comparison to traditional materials, without altering the values prescribed by the regulations.
The timber, therefore, does not fulfil only static tasks, but also acts as thermal insulation.