Campi Bisenzio (FI), Italy
Eurocommercial Properties Italia Structural Design, M&E System Design, Work Supervision, Safety Supervision: GPA
  • Site: Campi Bisenzio (FI), Italy
  • Architectural Design: Prof. Arch. Adolfo Natalini - Natalini Architetti
  • Project code: C09052

The design of the new Retail Park “I Gigli” is the completion of the existing shopping centre. “I Gigli” at the time of the construction (in 1996-97) was the largest shopping mall in Italy.
The new facility is detached from the existing shopping centre and consists of two buildings comprising a total of 4.400m² of retail area and 1030 m² of services. Just one of the two buildings is currently built. The semicircle opened to the entrance of the existing shopping mall creates a visual continuity for visitors. The project involves the overlap in the façade of a perforated decorative gold metal screen which increases the viewing height. On the main concave front, a metal roof creates a
continuous opened walkway, 150m long and 4m wide, with a central opening where cafe tables, seating and landscaped planters are placed. The vertical concave-convex screen in summer contributes to energy savings by shading the walls, shadowing the sun radiations and enabling
efficient natural ventilation. In winter the screen partially retains the heat. The structure is made of steel columns and steel-concrete beams, while the foundations are made up of footings on piles.