Subbiano, Italy
C.L.A.F.C. Soc.Coop
  • Structural Design, Fabrication drawings, Hydraulic plant and Landscape Design: GPA
  • Consultants: Studio Grifoni srl Chiarini Associati

The project consists of the definitive design of the SR 71 Motorway in Arezzo. The area in question stretches for just over a mile and the project aims to remove an existing road and railway intersection. The Road stretches across a hilled area, along this path the following works were to be done:
• bulkhead strengthening along the stretch of road where land rises above street level: approximately 320 m long;
• reinforced concrete containment walls to avoid erosion.
• two bridges, respectively, 32 and 18 metres long, spanning across the river;
• a 110-metre-long tunnel below the railway tracks of which 60m no-dig reinforced concrete tube and 50m bulkhead.

GPA has developed the landscape design on behalf of the contractor. The final client was Arezzo Council. GPA’s role, in this project, has encompassed the following: Design of the section of the motorway, Hydraulic works design, Structural design, Landscape design.