San Donato, Italy
  • Structural Design: GPA
  • Architectural Design: Nuovomondo
  • Consultants: Energy Project Eng. Alberto Rapini Geol. Franco Bulgarelli

The work consists of two blocks: the main block, with the parking facilities, consists of two floors and the service tower is developed in four levels. The service tower area is connected to the nearby S. Donato Hospital via a pedestrians subway. The main block has a rectangular plan and is implemented through the use of a prefabricated system with tiled floor slabs in “double T” in prestressed reinforce concrete. On the ground floor a wrapping structure has been designed with steel mesh filled with stone. The solution predicts for the installation of prefabricated modular units. The same choice was made for the tower's vertical links. The service tower has a supporting skeleton consisting of a steel braced frame with concrete walls cast in situ. The volume of the tower has a rectangular shape and is punctuated by windows supported by structural steel frames of various sizes. In the biggest ones it will be possible to project commercial images, advertisements or just colors, in order for the car park building to be recognized from a far, especially during the night