Roma, Italy
Municipality of Rome
  • Project: International Competition: two bridges over the Tevere River. The bridge of Science.
  • Team: Eng. Giovanni Cardinale

GPA’s project for the “Della scienza” bridge has been mentioned during the competition in Rome on the year 2000. The bridge has an arched shape in the river way and a smooth shape if we looked at it from the perpendicular direction.Its appearance is light and structurally stable: these two attributes,apparently opposite, are combined into the project idea. The lightness is given by the use of the material: steel. The strength is given by its own shape, which reminds one of security and reliability. The pedestrian path is identified by the use of a different material: the floating timber which gives to the walk the right sound. The steel, for its own qualities is the main material used, but there are also some parts built of reinforced concrete strengthened with additional steel elements to ensure the resistance.