San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy
Slaughterhouse of Valdarno
  • Structural and Architectural Design, Work Supervision: GPA

GPA project regards the following: • extension of the slaughter area; • refurbishment of the existing plant; • building of new offices; • road network completion and green areas refit for an overall area of 1762 m². The new layout is influenced by the existing building and the dynamism of the productive proces, which is the main function of the slaughterhouse. The new development connects the existing buildings giving a more ordinate effect on the composition of the pavilions. GPA has chosen to use no finishing for the new buildings. The concrete is shown in its red colour which reminds you of the coulor of the earth. The main benefit of this is the easy maintenence. The structure is made of reinforced concrete in the under ground parts, and steel from the ground floor up.