San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy
  • Design: GPA

GPA’s proposal follows the principles of the Town Planning Regulations regarding the location of buildings and roads, as well as the location of the designated greenery and parking areas.

The project proposes a model that aims to combine quality and rationality in the internal communication system and green areas, and at the same time the division into private plots harmonised between public spaces and connection systems.

In this scheme are described all the various systems that characterise the Plan:
• the system of internal roads
• the system of pedestrian ways
• The parking system
• The green areas (public and private)

The introduction of public parks with roads is a qualitative aspect of the project for GPA and is a precondition for ensuring the long-term maintenance of the green system.

The project is based on a rigorous plan organisation of public spaces and alignments.
The uniformity of the project is seen as a prerequisite to the architectural quality, which is reflected in the choices of materials, external paving, fences and access to create a maximum impact.