San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy
Obiettivivo Valdarno Srl
  • Feasibility Study: GPA

The nature and the purpose of the Valdarno Foundation required the GPA team to design a place that could respond to a dual need:• to host the services which the Partners need • to improve the foundation expansion and to promote new projects and initiatives. The icon developed by GPA proposes a long construction laid on the land to allocate the cultural rooms. These spaces need to be very flexible in order to receive different number of people and different activities, depending on the necessities. The “fulcrum” of the project is represented by the art gallery, where modern and contemporary art exhibitions will take place. The auditorium is developed for over 200-250 seats, self contained but also linked to the main building so that it can be used by the foundation partners but also for external use. The materials chosen, a part for the transparency of he glazed walls, reflect the Tuscany colture. These are stone and cor-ten steel.