Rufina, Italy
Aer SpA
  • Structural Design, Road network and Hydraulic Design: GPA
  • Architectural Design: Studio Archea
  • Consultants: Studio Hydrogeo Alessandro Murratzu

A thermo is a waste incinerator which uses the caloric content of the waste to generate heat, heat water and eventually produce electricity. Therefore differs from the old incinerators that were limited only to waste without thermal energy. The use of thermal appears to be a solution to the problem of overflowing landfills. GPA’s project involves 14.000 m² of land, with 3000 m³ of covered surface, with 50 m high chimney and a 34 m high building. The design of the building’s envelope has been entrusted to Archea Studio, with whom GPA has worked along side to resolve all the structural problems of the vast building. GPA has studied a special internal road network composed of routes and track access to the various parts of the factory, to make the thermo work efficiently. GPA’s project evolved complex studies of the hydraulic land system, close Sieve River. The land is an important protected landscape, so the project was tested for its environmental impact by the local supervision authority.